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There is no time for certainty. Only threat assessment, probability, game plan, action.

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The Starfire Codes publication dives into impactful insights, stories, and discoveries at the nexus of survival, media, innovation, metaphysics, spirituality, expanded consciousness, intelligence, and the truth.

Author Demi Pietchell brings us on a simultaneously pragmatic and whimsical personal and informational exploratory journey that digs deep into forging a greater understanding of the universe around us and our place in it - who we are, how we got here, how this place works, how to survive and thrive living here, what exactly we might be meant to accomplish, and, of course, "why.”

In the tarot, the light inside the Hermit's lantern comes from the Star card. The Star comes after the Tower. The Tower is some kind of unexpected divinely orchestrated event. The Star is about healing after sudden upheaval, having nothing but yourself left, nothing but your consciousness, your resonant knowledge, the will to survive and heal and move on. You're navigating solely by the stars. The energy from this is what lights the way for the Hermit's quest for wisdom, usually spiritual wisdom.

In the Hermit's lantern in the traditional Rider Waite tarot, the Star is represented by the Star of David. But that's really a 2D representation of the Star of Solomon. The Star of Solomon is the merkaba, the light body, the star tetrahedron. It's an alchemical symbol which combines the symbols for all of the elements and phases into one symbol. The upward pointing triangle/pyramid represents divine masculinity, the downward divine femininity, with both of these functioning in balance within each human being, within each couple, in nature, in the universe... "as above, so below."

The idea of Solomon's syndrome takes this a step further: How much of what you have been told is actually real? How does what you think you know differ from the truth?

The alchemical symbols for the four elements can be seen represented here too. Fire, air, earth, and water. Brought together, they create, again, the perfect balance. In the major arcana, you see all four of these elements present on the Magician's table... fire is the wand, air is the sword, earth is the pentacle, and water is the cup. He has in front of him everything he needs to manifest anything he could ever want.

What is the Down the Rabbit Hole Research Series?

I've been compiling research for years. Here's how to access it, contribute, and support the project:

The Starfire Codes by Demi Pietchell
Down the Rabbit Hole: A Research Series
Most of you who already know me know that I have a pretty excessive, extensive, and prolific research habit. It goes in many directions and covers many topics. I love to learn, and while I do have formal degrees in film and television and interactive telecommunications, I’ve always been an autodidact at heart, and I prize and value others who bring all ……
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In The Starfire Codes, you will find a mix of information that cannot be found elsewhere. Covering a broad range of intersecting topics, Demi Pietchell is able to bring her own brand of humor and insight to the table, offering uncommon perspectives that will deepen your understanding of your relationship with the world around you. The team’s mission is to help you to make the best possible decisions to keep you and your loved ones safe while expanding your knowledge and definition of reality and what’s to come.

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About Demi Pietchell

Adventure is the fuel, chaos is the motor, and serendipity the measure of miles covered.

Demi Pietchell is founder of The Starfire Codes and is the former executive producer of the Comcastro podcast. In addition to her work as an innovative producer, Demi Pietchell is an award-winning filmmaker with twenty years of experience in new media, metaphysics, and research. Pietchell attended New York University, receiving both a BFA in Film and Television and an MPS in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) from Tisch School of the Arts. When she’s not making stop motion animation videos with detritus from your childhood, she can be found exploring rabbit holes utilizing cup accumulation as a metric for lost time.

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