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There is no time for certainty. Only threat assessment, probability, game plan, action. Adventure is the fuel, chaos is the motor, and serendipity the measure of miles covered.

The Starfire Codes publication dives into impactful insights, stories, and discoveries at the nexus of survival, media, innovation, metaphysics, spirituality, expanded consciousness, intelligence, and the truth.

Author Demi Pietchell brings us on a simultaneously pragmatic and whimsical personal and informational exploratory journey that digs deep into forging a greater understanding of the universe around us and our place in it - who we are, how we got here, how this place works, how to survive and thrive living here, what exactly we might be meant to accomplish, and, of course, "why.”

In the tarot, the light inside the Hermit's lantern comes from the Star card. The Star comes after the Tower. The Tower is some kind of unexpected divinely orchestrated event. The Star is about healing after sudden upheaval, having nothing but yourself left, nothing but your consciousness, your resonant knowledge, the will to survive and heal and move on. You're navigating solely by the stars. The energy from this is what lights the way for the Hermit's quest for wisdom, usually spiritual wisdom.

In the Hermit's lantern in the traditional Rider Waite tarot, the Star is represented by the Star of David. But that's really a 2D representation of the Star of Solomon. The Star of Solomon is the merkaba, the light body, the star tetrahedron. It's an alchemical symbol which combines the symbols for all of the elements and phases into one symbol. The upward pointing triangle/pyramid represents divine masculinity, the downward divine femininity, with both of these functioning in balance within each human being, within each couple, in nature, in the universe... "as above, so below."

The idea of Solomon's syndrome takes this a step further: How much of what you have been told is actually real? How does what you think you know differ from the truth?

The alchemical symbols for the four elements can be seen represented here too. Fire, air, earth, and water. Brought together, they create, again, the perfect balance. In the major arcana, you see all four of these elements present on the Magician's table... fire is the wand, air is the sword, earth is the pentacle, and water is the cup. He has in front of him everything he needs to manifest anything he could ever want.


The truth is not shaped by the potential discomfort of others. No one is responsible for your feelings but you. If you feel like you have some unresolved triggers, toxicities, or shadow work left to do, this is your responsibility to handle for yourself, and I wish you luck. If that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t be reading anything I write, so take it upon yourself to be responsible for your own emotions and stop reading here. I am not responsible for the way you feel about anything. You are. Channeled messages are strictly for entertainment purposes only.



Introduction: Down the Rabbit Hole: A Research Series. I've been compiling research for years. Here's how to access it, contribute, and support the project.
1.1: Predictive Programming
2.1: Who Watches the Watchers?
3.1: Hindsight Is 2020: The Medical Industry
3.2: Hindsight is 2020: The Contagion Emperor Is Naked
4.1: World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation
5.1: Everything You Need To Know About THE SHOT But Were Taught To Be Afraid To Ask
6.1: GSM Grand Solar Minimum: An Overview of What To Expect
6.2: Learning From History: 1816 The Year Without A Summer, Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death, and Grand Solar Minimum GSM
6.3: Why does solar activity matter to us?
6.4: Effects of Geomagnetic Activity Upon Human Health
6.5: CIA studied how geomagnetic storms impact psychic phenomena
6.6: Grand Solar Minimum Preparedness
7.1: Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process (Including Missing Page 25)
8.1: HAM Radio 101: A Collection of Resources for HAM Radio Beginners
8.2: HAM Radio: Additional Resources for Beginners


12-5: The Fall of Bill Gates: The Interview 'Too Hot for the Big Tech Crowd.' Full length version: Jason Olbourne interviews Demi Pietchell.
12-4: Jason Olbourne Interviews Demi Pietchell on World Series News Underground TV. Episode: The Murder That Triggers GESARA.
11-30: FYI: Twitter banned The Starfire Codes for discussing the presentation Dr. Noack made before his death. We've moved to Telegram. Links inside.
11-24: Ghislaine Maxwell Had UN Authorized Control Over the World's Oceans. The TerraMar Project was a UN NGO micronation with diplomatic immunity and its own passports.
11-24: Ghislaine Maxwell November Trial Primer: Alleged Co-Conspirators List and Accusations in Leaked Court Document from Charlene Latham Filing. Many people and companies shown; hundreds listed.
11-22: UPDATE: Waukesha Mass Casualty Event. Police scanner audio and information regarding the identity of the SUV driver.
11-21: Mass Casualty Event At Waukesha Christmas Parade: Car Plows Through Police Barricade, Shoots At Bystanders. Video of the alleged vehicle captured speeding past spectators in the street.
11-17: Bricks in Kenosha? Again? Pay No Attention to the Brick Wizard Behind the Curtain.... Follow the Money Trail Road....
8-30: Illinois Mom Stripped by Judge of Custody For Refusing Clotshot, Judge Suddenly Reverses Order. In sudden change of heart, Judge reverses ruling allowing divorced mom Firlit to see her child again.


12-4: PPSD? Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder... wait, WHAT?! NO, You Do NOT Have "PPSD." You Have Heart Problems Because You Took The Shot. Stop trying to shift the narrative to squeeze out a few more jabs. You're embarrassing yourselves.
12-1: Court Orders FDA To Release Pfizer Shot Data. FDA requests that court keeps info confidential for 55 years. Court responds by ordering FOIA compliance with the release of 500 documents per month.
11-30: World's First Killshot Murder Trial: India Charges Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla, Seeks Death Penalty. The Indian Bar Association (IBA) reports that murder charges were filed in India’s High Court.
11-30: 'If you continue to inject, you are murderers,' says allegedly murdered whistleblower Dr. Andreas Noack to doctors four days before dying. Noack, top German activated carbon expert, was allegedly found dead four days after exposing graphene hydroxide 'razor blades' in the 'death shots.'
11-19: How To Survive the Death Window in the Dark Age of the Myocarditis Mass Murders. We predict the peak death window will be from August 2022 through December 2023. Are you prepared?
11-16: FBI investigates "smallpox" vials "found in lab," media responds by attempting to create panic on the heels of insanely suspicious Gates warning about "smallpox terror attacks." DHS leadership issued an alert that FBI and CDC are looking into "questionable" vials labeled "smallpox" found in a Merck freezer. Remember, contagion was NEVER PROVEN.
11-2: No Freedom, No Work: Walk Out, Australia. Try running the world without all of us for a while. See how that works out for you.
9-23: How Patent Law May Impact Our Concept of Human Sovereignty. What happens if the shot manufacturers claim to own your altered DNA? And why are most not asking this clearly relevant legal and philosophical question?
9-19: What No One Is Asking: Where Are All The People? O'Looney says deaths jumped 250% with the shot roll out. Vaxxidents have increased. Snyder reports a worldwide labor shortage. Are we witnessing the beginnings of societal collapse?
9-16: UK ONS data reveals 30,305 people dead within 21 days of the shot. Official United Kingdom Office for National Statistics data reveals 30,305 people died within 21 days of shot in England during first 6 months of 2021.
9-15: Western Society Passes Through The Cultural Crucible: Critical Mass Tipping Point Achieved. We're finally here. People en masse are starting to understand. The rest of you: Kindly wake the fuck up already. This is why we can't have nice things.
9-11: Consider this my way of holding your hand in the hallway until you feel better. Grief, PTSD, Masks, 9/11, and the Blitz.
9-11: Dating Heuristics in the Time of the Great Bifurcation. Pay attention: The threat assessment for dating post-2020 is literally life or death.
9-8: Survive Biotoxin Illness: CIRS and the Clotshot. How Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and the Clotshot are Related and What You Need To Know To Help Protect Yourself and Your Family
9-4: Most of you are FAILING this EASY IQ test.... Let's try this again and we'll see if suddenly you're smart enough to connect the dots....
8-22: The Elephant In The Room: Why Protecting Your Mental Health Will Be CRUCIAL To Your Survival Moving Forward. A Devastating But Important Research Series Topic, Coming Soon....
8-14: Doublespeak, Part Two: Consider the Word Choices of Others Very Carefully. You might assume someone is talking about a certain group of people when they mean another group entirely.
8-11: Now, let's look at Nigeria. Nigeria has had fewer than 40 deaths in last the four months.
8-11: Doublespeak: What exactly is meant by "High Risk" and "Low Risk?" And why is it so important to your health and safety to think through the messaging?
8-10: Truer words were never spoken... Reactions to data relative to mindset and how calm pragmatic review fostered accurate decision-making practices.
8-9: All on the Carnival ship got the shot. And yet, there's an outbreak. Again. Are we noticing a pattern yet? Because we damn well should be....
8-9: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different outcome. So why are we acting insane?
8-7: Don't let them pull your heartstrings. You're being manipulated to push an agenda that doesn't benefit you.
8-7: Your power is in knowing how to fight back. And then having the strength and the courage to take action.
8-6: "1% control the world. 4% are their puppets. 90% are asleep." "5% know and try to wake the 90%. The 1% use the 4% to prevent the 5% from waking up the 90%."
8-5: A Shocking Difference Between Israel and Palestine... and the Curious Case of the HMS Queen Elizabeth.
8-4: The Measles: What was life like before and after the shot... and why is this significant?
7-31: Canadian surgeon suspended for standard ethical disclosure. In this audio clip, you can hear Dr. Francis Christian being gaslighted for doing his job: providing informed consent about potential side effects.
7-29: Gibraltar and Iceland chime in.... Spoiler Alert: It's the same pattern we just saw in Taiwan and Israel....
7-29: Clean data will make you rethink everything. If you don't know, now you know.
7-28: An Important Note Regarding Loopholes From Attorney Robert Barnes. Remember to protect yourselves by reading the fine print.
7-28: They're playing Risk with people's lives. This is missing an important event that happened way before the timeline.
7-25: CDC finally admits the PCR test cannot differentiate between Covid and influenza. Mullins designed the PCR test for manufacturing purposes. The test was never meant for diagnostic use.
7-25: In Taiwan, the case numbers spike in tandem with the spike in shots. What does this data tell you?!
7-24: Supply Disruptions: "Something is about to pop warns top military officers as they race to supply their families." Michael Jaco warns viewers to go stock up, to expect supply disruptions.
7-24: Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order. Pay attention and prepare accordingly.
7-20: Here is a prime example of why I always tell you to learn how to think like a psychopath... You have to. Even if you feel like you need a shower afterwards. Because this thought exercise can help to keep you safe.
7-19: Dr. Bryan Ardis reports 45,000 shot deaths in the United States. VAERS is reporting 11,000. But there are many reporting systems. One alone says 45,000 deaths and legal action is being taken. Video link below.
7-18: The Clot Thickens.... Can't help but notice there might be some holes in your story there....


11-1: Money Laundering and Modern Art: Modern Art Was Developed as a Vehicle for Money Laundering. Basically, anything that can be produced for next to nothing and sold for a great deal of money can be used for money laundering.
10-29: 'The Most Deranged Story in History' Has Its Own Long History, Equally Deranged. Let's provide some context for that 'High Watermark of Political Lunacy' since no one in mainstream media but Tucker Carlson has the testicular fortitude to even mention it.
8-12: Conspiracy? Our Subverted History by Asha Logos. Setting the Stage; The Scythians and Their Kin; Hellenic Greece, Troy, and the real 'Game of Thrones;' The Germanic Peoples; and The Oera Linda Book.
7-20: "Destroy." "Neutralize." "Discredit." For context, let's take a quick journey back to 2009....
7-19: This would never happen now. This is Jim Garrison in 1967 giving a retort to NBC highlighting his perspective regarding the Kennedy assassination.


11-16: How The Economist Uses Its Magazine's Front Cover as an Apocalyptic Manifestation Tool. What most people don't know about tarot is that you can just as easily use it to manifest as to divine.
11-5: What Is Your Enneagram of Personality Song? Learn more about the enneagram of personality test, discover your number, and find the song written to honor your personality type in the Atlas: Year Two project by Sleeping At Last.
10-19: Why do you value the opinions of liars? You already know it’s a lie! Why do you need the liar to VALIDATE the lie before you will act upon the truth?! This behavior is just as insane as the behavior from the liars themselves.
10-13: Cultural Shadow Work: What Happens When Groupthink Supersedes IQ? While Jim Jones sips his Kool-Aid and gloats, the Pied Piper of Pfizer says, “Hold my beer.”
10-11: Archontic Parasites, NDEs, Earth Prison, Industrial Death Quotas, Soul Inoculations, and the Tether That Binds You To Your Higher Self. When you die, do not go to the light. Go to the void. Go to the tunnel. The light is a trap.
8-13: 2021: Navigating Uncertainty. The Importance of Quelling Anxiety in Uncertain Times.
8-13: Manifestation: Media and the Control of Aggregate Consciousness. Create content; wake up the world.
8-13: Language Is The Battlefield by Asha Logos. "We've been on a steady diet of poison for decades, and the best way to excise this poison is to pull back and examine our clarity of thought and expression."
8-12: Anyone can say they care. But watch their actions, not their words.
8-10: What is the story you're telling yourself? Do you even like it? Positive or negative, changing your internal narrative is entirely up to you.
8-7: Pattern recognition is somewhat frowned upon.... The interesting thing is that most of the people who exhibit high level pattern recognition skills in school tend to be moved out of gen pop and into a separate class.
8-1: The Dreaded Shadow Work. Forget fighting. Sit down with your shadow, give it a hug, and make it a cup of tea.
8-1: Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? Does the time you spend with those people add value to your life?
7-29: Attack of the Clones.... Bots bots botsbotsbots bots bots botsbotsbots....
7-29: Happiness is a state of being. Learn to be happy right now.
7-28: YOU are responsible for making these choices. ALL of your choices are your own. ALL of them.
7-25: Transformative Sadness.... "Sadness is your highest transformation being recognized in progress."
7-25: Sometimes knowing it's different in another universe where things worked out differently can help. When you realize all possible combinations are represented, you know you just happen to be living within this one.
7-24: I don't run from my demons.… I learn their names....
7-24: Fear isn't necessarily a bad thing. Fear is there to keep us safe. Fear just needs some love.
7-21: There's a silver lining blessing that comes to you when things are at their worst. The people around you who care about you will show up for you in your time of need - and the people who won't show up for you will show their true colors and make themselves known.
7-21: You have to decide to BE happy. It doesn't come from outside.
7-21: I'll let you in on a secret.... If I post a meme and I won't project my meaning onto yours, please understand that this is on purpose and forgive me for being intentionally vague....
7-20: People can't take in what they don't understand. Try. But when they don't get it, move on. You have limited time and others to tell who are ready to hear you.
7-19: Garbage in, garbage out. Your mental and emotional diets are just as important as the food you eat.
7-19: Make Cake. Want cake? You have what you need. Get off your ass.


NOTE: If you are reading this message, trust that you were guided here. Please use your own intuition to discern what meaning this message has for you. The ways I bring in messages take on a lot of forms. I use lucid dreaming, meditation, channeling, automatic writing, remote viewing, tarot, numerology, claircognizance, clairaudience, and shufflemancy. Often the messages I receive from each will intersect or cluster into greater meanings. I'm not here to tell you how to interpret the meaning. I am here to give you the message as I heard it and to encourage you to go inward and find your own meaning based on whatever it is I have presented.

12-10: The Burning Flames That Caused My Demise Created The Ashes From Which I Rise
12-9: I'm Nostalgic For A Better Tomorrow
12-8: Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy
12-6 to 12-7: Do You Think You're In Control?
12-5: Smile More: It Confuses People
12-4: Some Ripples Become Waves
12-3: They Fear Love Because It Creates A World They Can't Control
12-2: It Only Takes One Action To Start A Ripple Effect
12-1: Home Only Means Something When It Holds The Love You Seek
11-30: What Is Meant For You Will Never Pass You By
11-29: Marie Kondo Made Me Do It
11-28: Follow the Song of Your Heart to the Akashic Fields
11-27: We Carry Our Homes Within Us Which Enables Us To Fly
11-26: The Transformative Power of the Foam of the Sea
11-25: Unlock Your Authentic Heart
11-23 to 11-24: I Create My World
11-22: I Have Not Closed My Ears to Truth
11-21: Build A Life That Balances Responsibility With Spontaneity
11-20: You've Got To Jump Off Cliffs All The Time And Build Your Wings On The Way Down
11-19: They Fear YOU.
11-18: Your Breaking Point Is Your Turning Point
11-17: The Universe Is Conspiring In Your Favor In Support of Your Dreams: Share Your Unique Song With Your Loved Ones and The World
11-14 to 11-16: Playing Life on Expert Mode: Konami Code Your Way Out of That Shit
11-13: To The Mind That Is Still, The Whole Universe Surrenders
11-12: Go To the People and Places That Set a Spark In Your Soul
11-11: If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know
11-10: Transmute Your Pain Into Wisdom
11-9: The Dark Night of the Soul Comes Just Before Revelation
11-8: Clear Your Mind. Your Heart Is Trying To Tell You Something.
11-7: Be a Sea of Wild Magic in a World Full of Deadened Eyes
11-6: To Achieve the Marvelous, It Is Precisely the Unthinkable That Must Be Thought
11-5: When You Use Your Demons To Your Advantage
11-4: Be Like a Tree and Let the Dead Leaves Drop
11-3: You Are An Alchemist. You Can Take Any Situation and Transmute It Into Something Greater.
11-2: Most People Don't Want The Truth. They Just Want Constant Reassurance That What They Believe Is The Truth.
11-1: The Only Ones Who See the Whole Picture Are the Ones Who Step Out of the Frame
10-31: Your Perception Becomes Your Reality
10-30: You Are Not a Drop In the Ocean. You Are the Entire Ocean In a Drop.
10-29: Magic Becomes Art When It Has Nothing To Hide
10-28: Step Off the Karmic Hamster Wheel
10-27: I’m Standing in the Ashes of Who I Used To Be
10-26: Apocalypse and Chill
10-25: Time Is Like Water
10-24: Level Up: Lean the Fuck In
10-23: Share Your Soul and Hold the Vision
10-22: I Have Traveled Through Madness To Find Me
10-21: Synchronicity Is An Ever Present Reality For Those Who Have Eyes To See
10-20: Understand That Your Soul Is Not Bound By Three-Dimensional Earthly Existence
10-19: Dream Big, Live Your Dream Life, and Don't Give Up. You Will Emerge Victorious.
10-18: Get Your Chumbawamba Out of My Hoobastank
10-17: Creation and Flow: Be Water My Friend
10-16: Embracing Transparency: Speaking the Truth with Integrity and Authenticity. Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius Station Direct in October 2021.
10-16: Music From Inside an Empty Mall: Dystopian Content Manifests the Apocalypse
10-15: Quiddity: Manifesting the Genesis of Gratitude Hovering Over the Heart of the Dream Sea
10-14: The Wisdom Behind Your Intentions: Metamorphosis Brings Success and Happiness
10-13: Say Yes to Change: Divine Royalty Jump In and Sing at the Turning Point to Control the Darkness Where Dreams Come True
10-12: Shifting and Integrating to Join Forces for a Moonlit Invocation of Laughter
10-10: 10/10 Portal. Saturn Goes Direct.
10-8 to 10-11: Plandemonium Premonitions: Cargo Ships, Crematoria, Frankenfood, Unsafe Roads and Flights. Group Threat Assessment Brainstorming Sessions Produce Strange Cluster of Group Predictions.
10-6: Dueling Septrograde Stellium Fuckery Finally Ends with Pluto Going Direct on the New Moon "In This Style 10/6." And you thought Mercury in Gatorade was bad. You just wait until that bitch switches to Brawndo....
10-5 to 10-8: We Are the Granddaughters of the Witches You Couldn’t Burn
10-1 to 10-4: Blurrrrrrrrsday, the Firsteenth of Dodecatober: Shiny Rocks In My Underwear and an Affinity For Chaos
9-30: I Offer You a Mirror To Look Deeper Into Yourself
9-24 to 9-29: Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul
9-23: Hiraeth and Saudade
9-22: Integrity Is For All the Time, Not Just When It Is Convenient
9-19: Every Day Is What You Make Of It
9-18: Feeling Complete and Strong
9-17: Light comes from darkness. Odin gave his eye for wisdom. Risk nothing, and you’ll never see.
9-17 to 9-21: Hop Happily Down the Street For No Apparent Reason
9-15 to 9-16: Trust Your Instincts
9-14: You Can't Go Back to 1992, Mannaz. Destiny Awaits.
9-12 to 9-13: It Is Necessary For You To Collapse So You Can Learn How Phoenixes Are Reborn
9-7 to 9-11: I Didn’t Believe in Reincarnation When I Was Your Age Either
9-4 to 9-6: Survive and Rebuild
9-1 to 9-3: The Ocean in Your Heart
8-29: Manic Pixie Dream Priestesses
7-29: Earworms are really messages. Pay attention to the lyrics to decipher what they are trying to tell you.


Reporting on protests and riots worldwide. Please distribute to your friends and loved ones to help them stay safe.



Daily Recap of Actionable Intelligence and Disclosure News

12-10: Mass Media: Do Not Swallow
12-9: Become Unponderable


Recent Preparedness Tips, Current Shortages, and Logistical Issues. Prepare Accordingly.



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