Creation and Flow: Be Water My Friend

Channeled Messages 10-17-2021

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Animal Symbolism:

Dragonfly: Spiritual Meaning, Myths, and Dream Interpretation

Raven: Spiritual Meaning, Myths, and Dream Interpretation


Intense Mars Square Pluto & New Moon in Aries. Two Week Astrology Forecast for All 12 Signs.

Automatic Writing:

Those out in front are several tiers removed from the actual power structures. They’re out in front as a deflection. Hyperfocusing on them only leads to the desired effect. Detach yourself from the news cycle.

If you have been separated and isolated from the people you used to resonate with, this is because your resonance has changed. That’s a blessing. That was done for you, not to you. If you were still surrounded by people who aren’t in touch with their intuition, you wouldn’t be listening to yours. You’d be where they are. You’ve learned the lesson. Keep going.

People are in love with their egos. Let them be. It’s not your lesson to learn. Get to the next step for you. Don’t worry about the external. Go inward, not outward. You level up by connecting with source inwardly, not outwardly. Go within.

Defend your position and keep working on whatever it is you’re doing. It will lead to your happiness.

Ask for guidance and synchronicity to help you follow the breadcrumbs toward where you are meant to be. Only you will know that. But you WILL know. Trust. It’s okay.

Clairaudience (Earworm):

Sia - Unstoppable


The Bengston Energy Healing Method:

The Monroe Institute’s Dolphin Energy Club:

Throat Chakra Sound Healing Frequency 144 Hz


144 - Solid Foundation: Fruits of Consistency

288 - Give and Get Back: Be Generous With Your Blessings

651 - Fresh Start: Seek Wisdom

674 - Honesty and Truth: Be a Good Example

981 - Power to Inspire: Looking Out For Positive Things

1113 - Guidance of Universe: Secrets of Success

1140 - Have a Plan

1141 - Be More Proactive

3318 - Persistence Towards Growth: Persisting In Life

8443 - Live By Your Beliefs and Values: Make a Change

Oracle Cards:

“Roots of Abundance. Key concepts: being stabilized by deep roots, anchoring yourself and feeling secure in your life, trust and belief in abundance. This card signals you to pay attention to how you are anchored in the story of your life. Trust that you will be taken care of. The world is full of limitless potential and will nourish you according to your beliefs, regardless of temporary outer conditions. You are not a victim of life! Life happens for you—not to you, even if you sometimes slip into that way of thinking. If you are grounded and internally steadfast, nothing can uproot you, and you have the ability to manifest your intentions with ease. The message here is simple: Your life is safe and secure, and your intentions are coming to fruition. All your hopes and dreams are firmly grounded and taking root so that you can reach for the stars in your life and expand your dreams further than you can imagine. Everything in the material world is a reflection of your interior world. You are unstoppable and unshakable because you believe that you are abundant. Know that you can easily move from merely surviving to thriving when you pay attention to staying grounded. If you find yourself in ungrounded thinking, now is the time for radical trust. Growth never follows a straight line; you will manifest what you need when you need it. A tall, healthy tree doesn’t need to hold on to the ground for dear life. It knows it will not fly away with the wind, because its roots are planted deep in the earth.”

“Green Tara. Salvation. Empowerment Message: The Divine has intended you into being and given you the assignment to explore life through certain perceived limitations. You are meant to learn about life and all its complexities, especially learning about how to be in community with others. Green Tara, a Tibetan goddess also known as “she who Saves,” says that you will never be alone in life’s journey. This compassionate savior goddess of intimate friendship will ensure that the right people will show up for you at the right time. Green Tara reminds you that your needs will always be met; you don’t need to know the “how,” as that is her domain. You just need to trust, and the goddess Green Tara will use her magic on your behalf. You are safe and secure, and always in the care of the Divine.”

“Kuan Yin. Compassion. Empowerment Message: Compassion is what’s needed right now to help you release perfectionism and defensiveness. The purpose of compassion is to help reduce suffering in the world, so be mindful not to judge yourself or others too harshly as you stumble through life’s obstacle course. In fact, tuning in to the energy of compassion and kindness almost instantly eradicates the stirred-up energy of controlling thoughts and knee-jerk behaviors. The Chinese goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin, offers a gentle nudge to ask yourself this question: “What would kindness do in this situation?” If you approach everything with that in mind, you will discover solutions and new paths unfolding before you. In fact, living with compassion as your guide really changes everything—right down to the products you buy and the food you eat. Today make kindness a priority. The world will be a better place, and you will feel amazing as you see the miracles light up where you least expect them.”


Tarot Cards:

Shufflemancy (Music):

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road

Sia - Bird Set Free

Shufflemancy (Poetry):

Shufflemancy (Spoken Word):

Alan Watts - Are You Tired Of Playing The Social Game? Escape Society’s Brainwashing

Alan Watts - The Most Important Lesson Everyone Should Learn

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