Cultural Shadow Work: What Happens When Groupthink Supersedes IQ?

While Jim Jones sips his Kool-Aid and gloats, the Pied Piper of Pfizer says, “Hold my beer.”

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This article was sent to me by a reader with a simple question attached: “What do they know that we don’t?"

The article is SHOCKING.

The aim, however gruesomely stated, seems to be preservation of knowledge after a mass death event

This terrifying, psychopathic train of thought tracks for multiple reasons - and to keep yourselves safe, I will ALWAYS urge you to learn to think like a dark triad psycho so that you can avoid falling prey.

Developing this thought exercise as a habit can keep you and your loved ones safe.

Learning how to think to boost self-preservation is a necessary part of developing an appropriate survival mindset and situational awareness

There’s no avoiding this even if it makes you want to take ten showers afterwards to get the thoughts out of your head.

Your ignorance will not serve you, and no one but the divine is protecting you. As the saying goes, "God helps those who help themselves."

You will need to step up to the task and confront the information head on even if it makes you sick. It makes me sick. But this is necessary. 

So, let’s continue and get into the heart of this question…. 

Palestine didn’t take the shot. Israel did. 

I posted about this back in August, comparing the two populations because of proximity. The comparison of the stats provides clean data for a control and a variable since they are inhabiting the same space. 

The variable group is getting sick. The control group is not. This is all in keeping with what we see in the stats over and over and over again - the people who take the shot are the ones catching ill

Because we know this information, by any stretch of the imagination, is NOT hard to come by, we can assume that Palestine avoided the shot because they saw it coming as a group, just like myself and the majority of my readers did individually, personally.

It’s honestly super obvious to anyone willing to do the research. The information is all out there for anyone who doesn’t get sucked into the propaganda

Don’t believe me? Read through the rest of my posts in the archive. I have had ZERO barriers to acquiring any of this information. It’s all there for the taking and consumption, should you choose to open your eyes to it. 

This proves another of my theories as well: Groupthink tends to supersede IQ. If you believe the studies done on this, the mean Ashkenazi IQ is higher than the rest of the world’s at 117.

Sizing this up, I tend toward believing this because there is a STRONG cultural bias toward choosing a mate based on intelligence which would give a boost to proliferation of intelligence by both nature and nurture.

And yet, this didn’t keep MOST of us (yes, WE… US… I am mostly Ashkenazi, so you can miss me with those propagandist “anti-Semitic” bullshit canned responses you’ve acquired from the flickering stupid box - I LOVE who I am, and if you feel ways about it, you can kindly fuck off) from taking the shot while information proving the shot is harmful is readily available. 

The availability of the information proves this is not nescience. This is willful ignorance. 

This proves that, culturally, it is more desirable to be thought of as intelligent than it is to actually exhibit signs of intelligence if those signs of intelligence go against the cultural grain, which preserves the self in the eyes of the group at large without actually preserving the self. 

That’s not just Israel - that’s every citizen of every country who didn’t do their homework, tied the hands of doctors attempting to do their jobs in providing informed consent, and decided to walk off the cliff like lemmings of their own volition. 

Most of you are content to rearrange the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic to the tune of a violin quartet.

Ergo, when making decisions, groupthink supersedes IQ.

Emotional decision making is taking precedence over logical decision making in the majority of the population. That’s a major problem: We’re trying to have a civilization here.

Proceeding in this manner is CLEARLY of great detriment to the survival of humanity. 

Here’s the problem: People would rather avoid ridicule and ostracism under the guise of preserving livelihood than preserve their own health and longevity which would actually preserve their livelihood long term.

Getting to work your job for two more years through avoidance of social pressure by going along to get along isn’t a good reason to take a shot that could easily kill you within the next two years. 

People who chose the shot without doing their due diligence have decided by default that they would rather potentially commit mass suicide than be seen as ignorant until there is a shift in mass perception

To be clear, I lament that those of you who made this decision chose this, and I cry every single day at the thought of the loss of those I love. I see this coming with open eyes and I am in deep pain. But I won’t step in the way of your decisions.

I will provide information, but your decisions are and have always been yours to make.

However, let’s be even clearer than that - if you’d rather RISK ALMOST CERTAIN DEATH than be seen as STUPID for even a short period of time while culture catches up to your wisdom - and this is the majority perception - I see that utter lack of any impetus toward self-preservation as a culture-wide sickness. 

This is the deep dark shadow side of culture emerging. This is something we need to work through together, something we need to understand and integrate so we can move on into a better place. 

Objectively, Palestine’s avoidance of the shot was wise. Given what we know, anyone’s refusal of consent for the shot is wise.

Threat assessment: One population didn’t force the other population they are in conflict with into potential mass suicide. The other population decided to do that willingly, of their own volition. This is more of an Art of War or 36 Stratagems scenario; knowing what they know about the chances that their opponents will die by their own hands, they are biding time, knowing they are about to "win by default.”

This is more cultural sickness in response to cultural sickness. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung

This shadow runs deep. What’s done is done and my heart is broken. 

Brace yourselves.

Many of you have made a binary decision you cannot ever take back.

Many of you will have to watch while your loved ones who have made this binary decision with very little forethought fall ill and are taken from you.

To survive, you will have to learn to be strong in the face of a massive loss the size of which our culture has never before experienced.

This is going to hurt before it heals.

Walking through the darkness and learning to integrate it is now the only way out. 

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