Here is a prime example of why I always tell you to learn how to think like a psychopath...

You have to. Even if you feel like you need a shower afterwards. Because this thought exercise can help to keep you safe.

In April 2019, Somerset tried to get citizens to relinquish their knives by placing them in a collection bin.

As you can well imagine if you’ve spent even a portion of your life thinking… at all… the bin was broken into and the knives were stolen.

What did you think would happen? Criminals do not follow rules. That is exactly what "criminal," by definition, means: No rule following.

You see a way to get rid of knives. In a land without criminals where everyone agrees to play by the rules, that's great. A+ for effort.

A criminal, however, sees the opportunity to grow his knife collection exponentially by liberating your knives from this conveniently placed box, selling them off to other criminals, or perhaps turning around and using them to rob you, making a killing either way. Potentially literally.

Criminal: "Thanks for making it so easy for me to grow my knife collection by putting all the knives in one easy to reach spot for me! And thanks for making it doubly easy for me to rob you because now I have all your knives and you can't defend yourselves!"


If you thought this might have been a good idea, do the rest of us a favor… please stop thinking. Do something else. Leave thinking to the people who can stand in a psychopath’s shoes and extrapolate what they might do to counter your pervasive stupidity. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it… and clearly, we can’t rely on the rest of you to complete the task effectively.

We can give you the information, but we can’t understand it for you.