How To Survive the Death Window in the Dark Age of the Myocarditis Mass Murders

We predict the peak death window will be from August 2022 through December 2023. Are you prepared?

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Alex Lightman posted this infographic, and I thought it was a necessarily blunt and succinct way to show you exactly what is occurring.

I wanted to share it with all of you because it’s important.

I’ll start by quoting Alex’s thoughts: “I have read scientific papers from credible sources and confirm these adverse effects have been reported in countries around the world. This is not misinformation. I’ve been ahead of the curve on this for 23 months and I stand behind this. It doesn’t help me make a penny, but as compensation, I’ve saved the lives of people I love and cherish, so I put up with the slings and arrows of the worst medical murderers and continue to warn. Please do the same.”

Some of us have been at least two years ahead of the curve on our thinking. I’d like to give credit in that regard to Alex, as well as Clif High, Max Marmer, Kurt Jensen, Aries Azazel, and many others who have expressed to me that they would prefer to remain nameless. You know who you are. The rest of these guys - be sure to check out their work. They’ve got their eye on the ball for sure.

For those of you who don’t know, the peak death window is projected to occur from August 2022 through December 2023.

Between now and August, the first people to go will not only be suffering from blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks, spontaneous abortions, pulmonary embolism, and anaphylactic shock, but most of them won’t realize that any of this is about to occur.

Which brings us back to a term that Clif High coined: vaxxidents. There has been a severe uptick in all kinds of accidents this past year. People who are suffering from the effects of the shot but do not curtail their usual activities turn into ticking time bombs.

These people are getting behind the wheels of cars. They are flying planes with your loved ones on board. They are operating heavy machinery in the workplace, potentially maiming or killing themselves and others.

Do the fucking math. This isn’t good.

All of this should be apparent, but many are willfully ignorant at this point.

It reminds me of the scenes in Westworld where any time the androids look at photos which are anachronistic to the time period they are programmed to see, they respond by saying, "This doesn't look like anything to me."

No matter what chart or graph you show someone who hasn't had the realization yet that not everyone has people's best interests at heart, they will respond by not seeing what you're showing them.

The rest of us have the backhanded benefit of having been deeply disappointed or betrayed in the past. We are human bullshit detectors. In fact, the people quickest to see it usually come from war torn countries, military families, or families that have been previously screwed over by the allopathic medicine machine.

We know what we're seeing because we have prior experience identifying it. We’ve already been harmed by it and suffered greatly having to fight for our own lives if we wanted to live, desperately researching overlooked ways to improve our health that we were told were quackery, but lo and behold, these methods actually worked and - go figure - they were natural and cheap and unable to be patented.

Or we’ve watched the people we care about meet with this fate and fought hard to save them with mixed results.

There's a reason dealing with a petty tyrant is considered a shamanic initiation. It expands your consciousness to include what the consciousness living in others is capable of... what the whole of the consciousness we are all a part of is capable of.

It's a dark realization and you have to have a certain level of strength and awareness to hold the idea in your mind and grapple with it and notice when your intuition is calling it out and place it into context without the contemplation of it hurling you off into the abyss.

Some people can't see it because their particular chunk of consciousness lacks the strength. They haven't learned how to embody that yet, how to stare into darkness and understand it without allowing it to consume you. This is essential; to identify it, you must be able to understand it so that you know what you’re seeing.

We're all here learning our lessons at our own pace. I suppose many souls had the same lesson they needed to experience at the same time. It's an ugly one that will inflict generational damage that we will all be responsible for healing.

We'll have to be strong for everyone else as they realize they were betrayed in a way that will make the Holocaust pale in comparison in retrospect. They will finally face their own dark nights of the soul. This is going to be harrowing for everyone.

At this point, I feel like it's too late to convince most people against the shot - they've made up their minds. Groupthink is causing people to make emotional decisions instead of logical ones. People are making a binary choice emotionally that they can never come back from and this puts them on a completely different decision tree, something that Max Marmer, Kurt Jensen, and I have been referring to as The Great Bifurcation.

What we need to do is preemptively create secondary infrastructure that will withstand societal collapse and deal with the issues we will face when that occurs.

Our highest priorities: Saying no to tyranny while surviving and bolstering infrastructure to ensure our survival.

The only ground swell is the one you create. No one is going to do this work for you.

We’ve been having very real stark sobering conversations amongst my friend groups, some of which I have shared previously. In these conversations, we have painstakingly outlined ideas that might keep us all safe, things we need to cop to NOW and address before it’s too late and these problems get away from us.

The peak death window I mentioned earlier rapidly approaches, and with it, we need to consider what we will need in order to get through this intact. I can’t stress this enough. We only have a certain amount of time before the deaths ramp up.

We are running out of time.

We need to shift the entire conversation. We will need to begin planning and taking action NOW.

To do that, we need to begin brainstorming and implementing actionable infrastructural changes on the local, regional, and national levels - no matter which country you happen to live in - that will need to occur in order to keep those who opted out afloat during and after the death window while preempting the possibility of further incident by fostering a culture of preparedness that covers a wide range of potential catastrophes.

Do not wait for anyone’s permission to act upon the items we identify. You will not receive permission, nor do you need it. Your safety and security are your own right and responsibility as a sovereign being. If you are asking for permission to protect yourself against harm from the very people trying to harm you, there is a severe logical disconnect here that you will need to sort through and start acting accordingly once you rectify it. Hurry up. We don’t have time for that.

The following list is by no means comprehensive. But my hope is that this will serve as a starting place to spark additional conversation and creative problem solving initiatives so that we can remain ahead of the curve during the survival phase leading into a stronger, more organized position during rebuild. I wanted to share these ideas with you so that you can start to think of solutions too.

  • We are looking at major societal upheaval. All potentials are on the board, including civil unrest, rioting, shortages, logistical failures, manufacturing shutdowns, crime, tyranny, power outages, bombs, EMPs, CMEs, foreign invasions, etc. You and your family will need to create plans and contingency plans for every possibility and form simple solutions for emergencies that everyone in the family is able to rote memorize in order to know what to do without having to think. This includes designated places to meet up and what to bring when you do. You will need to drill situational awareness, pattern recognition, and problem solving skills into your family members so that they can perform accurate threat assessments and act accordingly. This also includes having evacuation plans that are timed out to one week, one day, a few hours, one hour, a few minutes, all the way down to one minute. Knowing the plan for each case will keep you from wasting time having to think it through while it is actually happening. Those few extra minutes could save your life.

  • Spend your time NOW while you have it and have access to an entire world’s worth of information learning additional life skills that will keep you safe in an emergency or will make you not just valuable in a crisis but valuable during a complete societal rebuild. I wish I were joking. I’m dead serious. We need to bridge the knowledge gap between what we have and what needs to be worked on. Who will run the nuclear plant? Who will sanitize the water? Who knows how to weld and hunt? You will need to form a group locally and make sure that everyone within your group is assigned learning how to do things that will be necessary to your survival in your town if you are the only ones left.

  • Think small. How will you procure supplies if you don’t have access to the very large supply chain we currently have in place? Figure this out now before it’s too late. Let's say I know what I need. For example, I need a new hard drive for my computer. I will need to find the person in my group who knows how those are made. What does this person need in raw materials and equipment to machine those inputs? And that chain goes back for each separate material until we get back to whatever natural resource it came from in the world. How do we get from the raw materials to the finished product? You will need to develop an actionable flow chart like this for anything you might ever need to manufacture or replace. STEM, statistically, is primarily comprised of men in countries where livelihood outcomes are not determined by job. So chaining that knowledge together and ensuring the coordination of material handling is going to be the hard part. The issues associated with charging batteries, using a hard drive, distilling water, or solving plumbing problems are much simpler than transforming the natural world into PVC, doped metal for transistors, etc. Even if we focus on the little pieces of what it would take to live successfully, these pieces must be applied, and in the modern world, the person with a strong grasp on theory isn’t usually the one doing the work. For instance, you may need to go all the way back to procuring soy seeds if you want to make soy based plastics for printers. The focus will need to be on arranging the complete process. Not just on 3D printing. Not just on growing soy. Not just on taking soy from raw to plastic. The entire thing needs to be "in house" until new reliable supply chains are built. The manufacturing loops for some of these raw materials will be very hard for businesses to control as they exist today.

  • Major population centers are likely to be targets. You could end up trapped in a place with a heavy population or locked into it and unable to leave if it gets somehow blocked in. Honestly, planning to remain in a place like this indefinitely with no contingency plans is, as my friends are fond of saying, akin to spending time “interior decorating your own coffin.” Neighbors decaying in their homes when no one knows they have died will create additional biohazard conditions on top of the proximity illness conditions that already exist. It’s unreasonable to think that you will be able to safely clear every apartment in an entire building if you do not have proper training in how to do this safely and effectively, let alone the proposition of having to do this for, for example, the entire island of Manhattan both above and below ground, down into the tunnels which are actively inhabited and unsafe to traverse under usual circumstances. Think about relocating to areas which are less population dense and consider what you will need to live there safely. Also consider how you will get there if you need to leave abruptly, what treacherous conditions you might face in doing so, and how to counteract these with appropriate planning.

  • We will need to keep the roads cleared of hundreds upon thousands of vaxxidents. You may want to preempt this for your own family by trading cars in for 4x4s that can off road in case your roads are blocked by uncleared vaxxidents. Keep in mind that deliveries will not be able to make it through uncleared roads. This is going to turn into a logistical nightmare if we do not preempt this by creating backup teams of 100% unvaccinated people to take care of this - and this applies to literally every facet of infrastructure and logistics.

  • We will need to make sure that people have enough supplies including food with long expiration dates, safe water, and energy at home to stay there and weather the storm without needing to utilize the roads unless it’s an emergency. Backup power sources for heat, air conditioning, refrigeration, light, and appliances will be necessary. Don’t wait on this. It will be difficult to procure these items soon and there are already backlogs and waiting lists for many of these items. And you will want backups for all of those just in case anything breaks. If you can’t fix it yourself, you’re pretty much boned. You will need ample fuel, wood, kerosene, diesel, and propane, as well as solar options and lithium ion batteries with portable options for recharging.

  • Water. Water is everything. You require some way to collect it, store it, filter it, and sanitize it. You will also need to learn and implement some method of desalination.

  • Everyone in your family requires their own bug out bag.

  • You will need to have a backup plan for whatever prescriptions you take. This might include finding natural alternatives or weaning off of controlled medications that you won’t be able to procure in a collapse. You may want to discuss your options with your doctor. If your doctor is going to think you’re a lunatic, it might be time to begin interviewing others for the position. You’ll want to find a doctor who is also going to survive.

  • If you live somewhere that will likely turn hostile eventually, make plans to move now. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late. You already know there are going to be issues. Act on what you know before it’s obvious to everyone else. Ensure that you have time to execute on your plan.

  • You will need to have several ways to communicate with your loved ones in case any of the usual means of communication drop out for any reason. Join several additional back up communications services like Signal or Telegram and look into setting up a mesh network for emergencies only. (We don’t recommend adding any unnecessary EMF or biotoxin exposure to your life. This is part of what is making people sick and we only recommend it for use in emergency situations or if you happen to be traveling or living somewhere incredibly remote.) We highly recommend getting your HAM radio license now while you can. Keep mirrors and laser pointers in your bug out bags in case you might need them to send Morse code.

  • Keep your important documents and irreplaceable items in fire and water safe conditions, just in case.

  • Store electronics that are not in immediate use in a Faraday box. When you finish using your items each day, retire them to the box as well. Keep backups of your most utilized electronics in the box as well.

  • Store books and survival instructions and resources on fully charged tablets. Store these tablets safely in the Faraday box. You will also want printed field manuals for survival and medical emergencies as well as for foraging in your area.

  • You will want to procure farming, fishing, basic automotive, and armorer tools, as well as seeds and legal ammunition, gunpowder, brass, and pistol-rifle primers. These items may also double as currency. You also will need to think through what happens if you are unable to access any of your digital currency and what others items can serve as currency in a pinch. Bartering items like tampons and maple syrup can work very well.

  • Speaking of tampons: If you menstruate, get a few cups and use those. Trying to find tampons or manufacture tampons, pads, or cups is not how you want to be spending your time unless this is going to become your way of contributing to society. Think ahead.

  • We will not be able to bury the bodies of the dead because they will be biohazardous. We will need to make sure we have mobile crematoria with temperatures high enough to incinerate prions and hydra. We will all need personal Hazmat gear in order to handle the dead and get them safely to the mobile crematoria.

  • One of our biggest concerns is nuclear power. We will need to map out where plants are and stay as far away as possible. We need to make plans that ensure against power plant vaxxidents. This includes removing high risk people from high risk jobs - including running nuclear power facilities.

  • Water, septic, and sanitation will also require backup plans that involve keeping the roads cleared for garbage pick up, ensuring that water and garbage plants will continue to run undisturbed which would include several years worth of backup parts and materials just in case anything should break in order to reduce down time during a manufacturing/logistics crisis, and making backup plans to ensure that septic tanks continue to get emptied out safely without risk of biohazard, infection, or other illness. As a family or an individual, look into procuring a personal incinerator.

  • We need emergency plans in place for networks of non-GMO pilots, ship captains, and skilled workers to move people and goods around safely and make plans for the implementation of localized manufacture in order to protect our people, our supplies, and our supply chains.

  • We need consistent means of manufacturing industrial supplies and medical supplies. We need to be able to produce locally and ship globally. We need to bring back online any localized manufacturing plants that went offline during globalization, repurposing them to prioritize the needs of the crisis. The surrounding ghost towns will need to be revitalized in order to support the plants, and people with the skill sets required to run them will need to be identified in order to teach others these skills and keep them alive.

  • We need to ensure that we will be able to grow food well into the future. With GSM dawning, we will need to consider that some places on the planet will be too cold to grow food and either make plans to move or to create functional, sustainable indoor farming solutions.

  • Healthy livestock need land and grass. These operations will fare best in areas that maintain warmer temperatures year round, even during past minima. Consult the data and see what would work best for you.

  • Bifurcation of emergency services, including blood banks and hospitals, is going to be a big deal. Our blood supplies cannot be mixed. In fact, there have been projections that, in the future once people have a better understanding of why people who got the shot are dropping dead in droves, unvaccinated blood may become a commodity to give transfusions to the vaccinated in order to extend their lives. Which means anyone who is unvaccinated should keep quiet about it. Typically, whatever necessitates industrial quantities of biomaterial begets an uptick in human trafficking.

What other necessities have you identified? What concerns do you have moving forward? How can we all best work together in our communities to get this done? Please mention your ideas below in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Special thanks to Alex Lightman, Aries Azazel, Clif High, Kurt Jensen, Max Marmer, and Real Talk.

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