Quiddity: Manifesting the Genesis of Gratitude Hovering Over the Heart of the Dream Sea

Channeled Messages 10-15-2021

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A note on channeled messages: If you are reading this message, trust that you were guided here. Please use your own intuition to discern what meaning this message has for you. The ways I bring in messages take on a lot of forms. I use lucid dreaming, meditation, channeling, automatic writing, remote viewing, tarot, numerology, claircognizance, clairaudience, and shufflemancy. Often the messages I receive from each will intersect or cluster into greater meanings. I'm not here to tell you how to interpret the meaning. I am here to give you the message as I heard it and to encourage you to go inward and find your own meaning based on whatever it is I have presented.

Clairaudience (Earworm):

Genesis - Hold On My Heart

Sarah McLachlan - Possession

Simply Red - Holding Back the Years

Clairaudience (Messages):

When too many people are on one frequency, the frequency shifts.

Talk more about the culling, dystopian literature, cargo ships, bifurcation of services, how burst mode really works, and a deeper dive into IQ testing.

IQ tests measure pattern recognition skills, not all types of intelligence. Go back and explore this further.


4 - Stability

66 - Relationships

334 - Consistency Helps

407 - Be Resilient and Strong: Start Listening to Your Angels

738 - Negativity Is Misery: Peace of Mind

1111 - Monitor Your Thoughts: Think About What You Want

1144 - Always Think Positively

1234 - Keep Your Life Simple

Oracle Cards:

“Great and Full. Key concepts: the mindful practice of gratitude, knowing that you are enough, committing to your intentions, a sense of sufficiency, letting go of attachment to form. Before you can begin to understand the process of manifesting your desires, you need to practice deep gratitude and the willingness to share that with others. This is the true nature of prosperity. It’s not about the things you accumulate at all; it’s about how you feel. You’re invited to surrender to an important truth: there is always enough for you. There is enough time to do the things you need and desire to do, enough opportunities to express your talents and connect to your purpose, and enough magic circulating through the invisible world into the visible. Begin your day immersed in gratitude for everything you have and everything you can’t yet see: the unmanifest, which begins with every breath you take. Know that you are enough and all your needs are being fulfilled, even if you doubt this in some moments. No one’s success can make you feel small, and comparing yourself to others never works. Your life is brimming with unique potential—focus on that! When you hold this feeling of gratitude, it acts as a magical “open sesame” to the floodgates of abundance. Couple that with a playful sense of detachment, and you’ll find that miracles have an uncanny way of showing up in your life. Your intentions burst forth into reality with little effort on your part. There is hope brimming with potentiality. It’s okay that you don’t always trust this. You are not alone in holding the candle high for transformation. Right now, contemplate how being in the energy of “enough” makes you feel. Eventually, you will have no attachment to what you do or do not manifest in the material world, what you do or do not have. Then, like magic, you have more than enough. What a fascinating universe we live in!”


Blue Foundation - Bonfires

Born of Osiris - Follow the Signs

Bruce Springsteen - Highway 29

Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Dream Relax Música - Mantra to Destroy All Confusion of the Mind | Calm The Mind, Meditate, Deep Sleep Music

Gabor Szabo - Dreams

Hammock - Mute Angels

John Denver - Annie's Song

Lana Del Ray - Mariners Apartment Complex

Ohgr - Lusid

Phosphorescent - Song for Zula

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Ray LaMontagne - Empty

Sonic Youth - 100%

Susie Suh x Robot Koch - Here With Me

Trentemoller - Miss You

YĪN YĪN - The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers

The Quiddity Dream:

Much of the imagery from today’s pulls originates with what I call the Quiddity dream. One of the major images from this dream seemed to come straight from a concept from The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker. In this book series, there is a mystical dream sea called Quiddity. It is 360 degrees of sea meeting the horizon at a higher plane of human existence. It's where you go to visit metaphysically three times in your life - but the characters in the book kept trying to access it and were making a mess of things destroying something that would ordinarily be kept sacred.

In this dream, that's where I am… seated, hovering slightly above the water. And from the sky, various symbols and images are flooding into my head like this massive download and that's when I started referring to them as “the correspondences.”

They presented in front of me like balls of light and I started moving them around in my dream to make them fit where they were supposed to go.

Over time, it felt like a metaphor for what I should be doing to make sense of things, and any time I am not spending my time mostly on that, things start to go really wrong. If I disconnect from the act of connecting with this, everything else broadsides me.

This was why I had decided at first to focus on the correspondences. I feel like there's more juice in the quantum, always connected way of looking at this. The other way creates a struggle that fights you back.

The quiddity dream, the philosophical and metaphysical elements that derive from our protoculture, i.e., chakras and the tree of life and the cube and the merkaba and the pomegranate veil are all different crosscultural metaphors for the same thing.

Finding those and extrapolating the commonalities is useful to understand that where we came from is more integrated than our official version of history, subverted to keep us from remembering who we are, would let on.

None of these symbols and concepts developed independently. They are all different analogies for concepts referring to the same protoculture.

The same part of your brain that processes music… earworms… clairaudience… is the site of where you would experience telepathy. I think if you are experiencing it - which I think these are often messages from your higher self or your family who are using telepathy to communicate - it might be that your brain processes this as music, sound, and frequency to make sense of it.

Special thanks to Real Talk and Sophia.

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