The Wisdom Behind Your Intentions: Metamorphosis Brings Success and Happiness

Channeled Messages 10-14-2021

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A note on channeled messages: If you are reading this message, trust that you were guided here. Please use your own intuition to discern what meaning this message has for you. The ways I bring in messages take on a lot of forms. I use lucid dreaming, meditation, channeling, automatic writing, remote viewing, tarot, numerology, claircognizance, clairaudience, and shufflemancy. Often the messages I receive from each will intersect or cluster into greater meanings. I'm not here to tell you how to interpret the meaning. I am here to give you the message as I heard it and to encourage you to go inward and find your own meaning based on whatever it is I have presented.

Oracle Cards:

“A Merry Motive. Key concepts: knowing your own motives, understanding what drives you to meet your goals, the momentum your attention creates, the wisdom behind your intentions. You’ve chosen a path, you’ve set an intention, and you’ve begun to move toward a goal. You feel compelled to keep going, but do you know the “why” behind this drive? Do you truly want what you’re pursuing, or are you
chasing a destination with the anticipation of how it will make others feel about you (or you feel about yourself)? You must choose to be in the flow of the experience, relishing the moment. Surrender your expectations to a Higher Power rather than being guided by your limited self. The most important aspect to consider now is where you place your focus, because that’s where energy will flow. If you are resentful, the outer world will show you more opportunities to be resentful. If you are envious of others, competitive, and overly ambitious, you will always feel as if you are not enough. If you focus on gratitude and compassion for others, you will see even more reasons to be grateful and loving. When you look for abundance, it has an uncanny way of multiplying in your life. So if you’re unsure about your motives, the results will be just as unclear. Dig deep to understand your “why.” If your true desire is to experience X, let go of your attachment to the form that X is supposed to come in. Make sure your motive is merry and joyful, clear and honest, and aim true. Trust that the universe will provide the outcome that is a perfect match for your intention. . . It always does.”

“Metis. Wisdom. Empowerment Message: Experience woven together with knowledge creates a beautiful thing—wisdom. Its parts are entwined like a finely made rope that is so strong it can’t be cut. Wisdom, once earned, becomes an essential part of you. Right now, the Greek goddess of wisdom, Metis says you know exactly what to do in your current circumstances. The real question is: Do you have the courage and commitment to make a wise choice? Your answer is not to hide. You are being invited to look within rather than without, take the wisdom you already have, and apply it to your question. Perhaps, however, you must instead draw forth the humility to find someone wiser to weigh in. In this powerful time, others may seek you out for your wisdom. This is also an auspicious period when new relationships are founded on deep truths shared with others. You are entering a potent period of your life to share all that you are and all you have learned. Extraordinary things are possible when the goddess Metis reminds you of your wisdom and the need to express it.”

“Epona. Wise Leadership. Empowerment Message: Stepping into the world with a sense of surety and positive self-worth is what’s called for now. Epona, the Celtic/Roman horse goddess of leadership and guidance, offers you her wisdom; know that you have what it takes to heed it. You can do anything you place your attention on, and you’ll find it easy to accomplish what’s needed for your intentions to take form. Whether you are aware of this or not, the way you manage your accomplishments, and even the way you handle failures and losses, is modeling the way forward for others. There is a wisdom growing within you. Being true to who you are and placing integrity and humility equal to enthusiasm makes you a wise leader indeed—one that the goddess Epona is so proud of.”

“Isis. Rebirth. Empowerment Message: The process of soul retrieval, resurrection, and rebirth is the theme recurrent through the stories of the Egyptian goddess Isis, and one that she invites you to address now. This is a powerful moment to see some of what you thought you’d lost go through a process of regeneration to live again! Like magic, the pieces of you that were considered lost in old wounds and stories are ready to be reclaimed in a healthier, more mature version. Where you were hopeless, now there is hope; where you lost faith, you have the capacity for even more now; where there was inequity and injustice, now you can see a better way; where you were abandoned, now you can choose you. You are ready to face these parts of yourself and to gather them together as you step into a newer, more powerful version of yourself, your work, your relationships, and your creativity. Have courage! Let go of blame, claim your accountability, and then co-create something better. You can do this! The goddess Isis has come to help you as a potent supporter in your growth.”


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