Western Society Passes Through The Cultural Crucible: Critical Mass Tipping Point Achieved

We're finally here. People en masse are starting to understand. The rest of you: Kindly wake the fuck up already. This is why we can't have nice things.

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I have been wishing, hoping, praying, and manifesting that someday soon we will reach a tipping point in the public consciousness before too many people die just because they were so eager to get back to living that they convinced themselves taking an experimental shot which failed animal trials was the only way to do it.

This is a tragedy.

But we’ve got a bit of recent hope looming that people still might have more than two brain cells left to rub together, which is excellent, so I wanted to share it despite the fact that it’s bittersweet in that I wish people would have been capable of waking the fuck up before anyone got hurt, but maybe now less people will get hurt, and if that’s the case, I’ll consider that a win….

Never mind the article in the following link. What you’ll want to check out are the comments.

Governments across the world have been largely compromised for a very long time, and the normies are going to lose their minds when they realize they've been sterilized and can't make new normies.

Unfortunately, everyone wants to believe what they were told so badly in order to keep their minds from breaking (we’ll get here soon) that, sadly, the real tipping point is not going to occur until people start literally dropping dead from cytokine storms en masse and those sick but not dead and hanging on by a thread realize they were duped.

But it’s particularly sad that, given the faulty logic most people seem married to until literal death do they part, it’s much more likely the quintuple shot people will turn around and start blaming the quadruple shot people for not having taken a fifth shot yet and making them sick instead of THINKING FOR A MINUTE and realizing IN MOST CASES it’s the shot itself over time that’s actually making them sick.

If only anyone were taught to properly analyze data for patterns.

So Deagel's forecast that 70%-ish of the population of all of the western republics would be dead by 2025 doesn’t seem so farfetched. Of course, Deagel removed it - it’s not available there anymore. Gee, I wonder why.

However, we estimated 70-93% of the world population based on both Deagel and the Georgia Guidestones. According to the nightmarish Machiavellian inscription on the Guidestones, only 500 million people are meant to survive.

And getting people to fight about whether or not it’s happening at all, let alone why or how, is all the ongoing weird theater of factional interplay. More divide and conquer.

It's the same shit that's gone on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Perhaps beyond… but that’s a topic for another day.

POTUS 45 was having to go back to brass tacks and undo crap from 1933. Plus all of the havoc from HR 4444 in 1999.

And if you know anything about "4444" in Chinese culture, that's REAL CUTE....

The number 4 does not even appear in elevators in China, much like the number 13 in Western culture, which, if you’re aware of numerology, reduces to a 4 anyway. So, really not all that much different.

In the 36 Stratagems (Chinese warfare), one of the strategies is to wait until your opponent has a false sense of security and then strike. Another is to get the opponent looking in one direction expecting an attack while you hit them with something else from the other side.

I think we are being lulled into a false sense of security poised to hit between “waves,” which certainly makes a lot of sense if you’ve read Michael P. Senger’s article China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign. (In fact, if you haven’t… go ahead and do that… I’ll wait….)

The group of parties responsible want us complacent so we won't see it coming. They are timing the supply chain massacre to coincide with just before the second wave hits us.

And if you saw the interview with Clif High, Pete Cottrell, and George Webb last year, they were thinking what I was thinking - if you're going to design a bioweapon you make it have stealth/acute/severe stages so everyone thinks it's a dud, it spreads more when people get complacent, and then you use an activator of some sort to make it worse after most are already infected.

My thoughts last May: “While we're complacent, they are likely to screw us with the supply chain. When we're focused on the supply chain, second wave will hit us from the other side or get triggered by other means. (Vaccination? This would make sense - people who received flu vaccinations have been more susceptible according to studies.)”

Turns out I was onto something here.

CCP declared war on the US in 2019 and then seemingly did practically nothing. Another lull into a false sense of security.

It never even hit our media.

The US citizens have no clue they declared war on us in THEIR media: May 14, 2019.

That adds up to 4, (which, as you saw in that link, in Chinese culture is a homophone for their word for death).

You do not have to believe in numerology to understand that culturally they believe in numerology. That's what's important - it's a signifier.

My thoughts on why this was kept under the radar - US government and academia are so heavily infiltrated due to our own ignorance in recruitment while players were brought in with CCP leanings. So there's been really heavy espionage. It's documented in the media but, by design, there is never any context. And any investigative journalist who tries to offer context gets fired on the spot, much like when Amber Lyon tried to expose that CNN was taking money from Bahrain. (Hence the flood of anyone doing real investigative research onto platforms like this one.)

Speaking of journalists trying to speak out, heard of Udo Ulfkotte?

Dr. Ulfkotte was a very well respected German journo who released a German language book detailing his experiences being bribed by the CIA to doctor the news. He reported that this was endemic in the European media. His book was about to be released in English.

He died under mysterious circumstances a few months before the book was supposed to drop.

The book, called Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News, never dropped. The book was supposed to drop May 2017. He died January 2017. It's still only available in German.

A book was recently released about Ulfkotte’s death called The Mysterious Death of Udo Ulfkotte: Evidence for a Murder by Jonas Schneider.

So basically, if certain topics reach a general consciousness tipping point in the controlled media, they will get covered. Otherwise it would expose the bias and make the media look inept for not getting ahead of the story. Which is why Newsweek dropped that Fauci piece about Wuhan funding in mid 2020 - credibility control. But aside from that, it's all heavily managed.

HEAVILY managed. In the US, almost all media is owned by five corporations. It used to be six, but GE sold to Comcast.

As we all know, there are too many players on the board right now to sort anything out. By design, you just end up looking like a mentally ill freak with a big ball of red string if you try. If it suits an agenda to support an agenda, someone might pretend to support it until they don't or pretend not to until they do. So all bets are off right now.

The world we live in is largely a spaghetti clusterfuck nightmare of bribery and blackmail and collusion and shady dealings of almost infinite proportions. There’s a lot to untangle to do right by humanity. And it’s hard to untangle it when most people responsible for untangling it are involved, intricately bound by a web of bullshit.

As you are well aware if you've been paying attention, no one group is all good or all bad. But the black hat faction is specifically fucking relentless and psychopathic.

The problem here, psychologically, is that it's very difficult for non-psychopaths to strategize against psychopaths because non-psychopaths have difficulty understanding the psychopath's playbook.

It's very difficult to stand in the shoes of someone like that and think through how they would think and what they would do if you've never experienced people like that personally.

In my experience, this is where most people's analyses of the events that occur fall off - an inability to psychologically profile based on what is outside of one's own experience.

Simply put: If you aren't a psychopath, and you've never had to tango with one to save your life, you won't understand how they think.

They have a code. It just runs counter to the code that others have. They're actually incredibly predictable. Once you've seen one, you've pretty much seen them all.

When you know what you're seeing, it can keep you and your loved ones safe. That's the good part. But once you see it, you can't unsee it - and it makes you feel apart from everyone who can't yet. It's a double edged sword, for sure. It's difficult to relate after that. Your knowledge of reality no longer reflects the perception others have of it. It narrows the window of people you're able to fully relate to. Hopefully, over time, more people will begin to understand and this will no longer be the case.

In shamanism, dealing with a psychopath - or what is referred to as a "petty tyrant" - is considered to be a form of shamanic initiation.

This is because, when you do, your knowledge of what humanity is capable of and how other people think expands. Your consciousness expands.

It's a harrowing experience - but it acts as a crucible of sorts. It changes you. It makes you able to see what you never saw before and recognize it for what it is.

The shaman considers this opening up of awareness to be a blessing: You see reality a lot more clearly after an experience like this. You see it for what it is - or you get closer to it.

At the heart of this is removing what you would do or think from the equation because it does not equate. The codex is not the same. There is another codex, another lens, to view this set of actions and impulses and decisions through. The biggest of these is always the inclination not to be outed, discovered, exposed and to always be seen in a positive light - the inner self is mush in these cases and needs to be constantly bolstered by the outer. If you hold up a mirror to it, you incur wrath. And once you see it, it's pretty textbook. Incredibly simple to identify once you realize the pattern. There are plenty of books written on this, so I won't go into more detail, but like I said - once you see it there's no unseeing it and conversely it's incredibly difficult to explain to someone else until they've seen it too. A light bulb goes off. To describe the situation we're in currently, it's quite simple on the whole - there are those who see it (which includes those fighting against it and those who are it) and those who don't (who are being used as pawns and controlled by those who are it).

Gaslighting and language flipping are the main tactics used because of the plausible deniability aspect - they say one thing, do the reverse, and to anyone stupid enough not to realize it, they come out smelling like roses.

To anyone smart enough to get it, telling others is hell because the programming is to ridicule and gaslight anyone who disagrees with the rhetoric.

If you're aware of the language reversal and you attempt to point it out, or if you have managed to maintain your pattern recognition and critical thinking skills in this environment, you are mocked and labeled a "conspiracy theorist," a term that was developed by CIA to keep people from questioning the JFK assassination.

Perceptually, optics are everything. One of these little slogans that often makes the rounds in the military is "perception is reality."

No, it is not.

But to most, it might as well be. And that's the idea being conveyed here.

Truth is reality. And perception can be in alignment or misalignment with truth.

If you shift perception, you can alter the accepted narrative, but it doesn't change the truth.

The more the black hat faction convinces people that truth is some fluid amorphous thing, the more control they have over the narrative and what people will accept.

If there is no perceptual consensus, there is no cohesion. If there is no cohesion, we're easier to divide and conquer.

So Red faction uses the media to manufacture cohesion around a false perception of reality - which is why having and maintaining control of the media is, was, and will always be so important to them.

And it's why we're seeing the censorship push now - it's an act of desperation to maintain narrative control because it is slipping away.

Control the narrative, control the people.

The way we undo this is by continuing to tell the truth.

Everything that they're doing, pushing so fucking hard in one direction - let them. Unfortunately, unless it gets BAD, people won't see it.

The sooner they see it, the sooner we hit a tipping point.

The tipping point is what they fear most so they pushed the censorship.

The censorship has a pendulum effect - the Streisand effect. But censorship has the reverse effect of showing you exactly where to look.

Best case scenario is that similar backlash to what we saw in the earlier comment thread example creates momentum. If everyone feels the same way and the media tries to present another version of that, it's too obvious and they appear to be inept. When it reaches a tipping point, they tend to back pedal to save face. This was the reason for the censorship - again, that tipping point was what they feared most.

SO LET THEM PUSH. The back swing is going to KNOCK THEM ON THEIR ASSES. And this will all happen through hearts and minds.

Violence accomplishes nothing. Force accomplishes nothing.

Being persistent with your love and utilizing the power of transmutation to shift fear into love are everything.

They still don't get it. They aren't very bright.

Awareness is at a tipping point, and this is what they fear most - consensus of the many which is based around truth. Because then the lies don't work on us. And without the lies to keep us in line, they no longer have the ability to control us.

These insane overreaching reactions mean they are scared.

Because the thing they fear the most is us once the spell wears off.

So how do you quell the masses to avoid civil unrest as the spell wears off? Let’s talk about that too.

Again, violence helps nothing. So it's better the right had something to quell that. But I don't think it came from the left. General Flynn keeps referencing having a "digital army."

Before there was Q (circa 2016) there was FBIAnon. And from time to time you still see non-Q gov agents dropping hints on the chans and everyone accuses the agents of LARPing, clusters, and then digs.

My personal opinion: I think gov has been utilizing anons as assets. It kept them busy, kept them non-violent, and gave them a way to focus that energy on doing something productive. And then OSINT teams were going into the chans to scrape intel.

Q was only a fraction of that and it was happening well before Q.

Q was the evolution of something that happened organically.

If you have a bunch of civilians chomping at the bit to dig, and they do it faster in sheer numbers than you ever could do yourself with a paid team of analysts, why the hell would you not utilize that as a resource and allocate your other resources differently? There are worse uses of time and resources on both their parts.

I see this push toward civilian research and reporting as an incredibly positive, democratic open source movement that was spun into a negative later on in order to disavow that movement once it carried political notions.

So, having watched Anonymous develop over time - we all remember how that began with the Scientology protests - I think Q emerged as sort of a natural evolution of that idea.

How would something like that work? Some clandestine segment of gov (and really, who cares which?) identified this civilian research movement as a viable opportunity and set parameters for engagement and then utilized it by creating a puzzle environment for stoking engagement.

You make it function like an ARG, except nothing is created around it for the "alternate" aspect. It just functions to increase research into real world people, places, organizations, and events.

Then you let the data roll in and assign analysts to pull it and make sense of it.

Everyone was already doing research anyhow with or without Q - I did it without, personally - I was never a part of that and I never paid much attention to it other than to analyze it as a digital movement as I would any other digital movement almost by reflex alone with a Masters degree in Interactive Telecommunications - but, I digress - if, as the government itself, you require this within your own country, why the hell would you not provide cohesion and direction for all of that puzzle solving energy while also creating a subculture which deters violent activity? Might as well. Best case scenario for everyone involved.

Here’s the thing… you can absolutely choose not to believe in Q.

Fine. Even reasonable.

But how stupid do you have to be to believe that the AMERICAN MILITARY couldn't pull something like this off?

We had FOUR YEARS without any new wars.


Do you think they didn’t spend that time doing something else?

They must have, right?

So… what was it?

Again, this goes back to those McLuhan quotes. Having studied communications so heavily, these quotes tend to bang around in my head most days. Sometimes I can’t believe how prescient these were, having been said in 1970. Other times, knowing these thoughts have been in the zeitgeist for at least five decades, it disappoints me that most people do not know these, do not fully understand these, and/or do not take these into consideration when analyzing current events. It’s something that just feels so obvious to me that it makes me want to scream it from mountain tops.

Our cultural identity has shifted.


"World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation."

"World War I a railway war of centralization and encirclement. World War II a radio war of decentralization concluded by the Bomb. World War III a TV guerrilla war with no divisions between civil and military fronts."

We can't help those who are already poisoned other than to stave it off. For now. But past this point, if we have an honest turn of the conversation here, maybe we can focus resources on actually getting affected people real help from real doctors (not politicians posing as doctors) who know their shit.

Past unwinding the corruption clusterfuck, clotshot recovery efforts will be the next area of focus. So many people are affected. And considering the majority of the healthcare workers took the shot themselves, we will need a massive push toward getting replacements into schools with valid curricula pronto. And “valid curricula” means reassessing all of the old studies for veracity, sorting out the wheat from the chaffe on over 100 years of sustained medical fuckery.

I know, if you’re here reading this, you see it. You didn't take the bait. Diving deeper into this, this is strategic. If everyone is dependent upon the state, the state retains control. If you are sovereign, you are self-sufficient, which means you are more difficult to control. The mindset they want to cultivate is literally built to subvert your freedom.

Right now, we’re existing inside of multiple converging timelines. The longer they stay separate, the weirder it will feel. Once they merge, this will begin to subside. The good thing about multiple timelines is that more people, over time, are waking up to the reality of knowing that something is rotten in Denmark. This was the tipping point people were waiting for before any action would make sense. It shows a deep understanding of aggregate consciousness and how it functions. This is ideal. Had anyone acted too soon, we'd have been in the middle of a kinetic war. We want to foster understanding, not bring about chaos.

Your focus, intent, and time converted into action are your primary means for manifesting EVERYTHING. These ARE sacred. You can only do so much. Choosing consciously where to place this energy will yield the best results.

The best you can do right now is to protect your focus from anything that would break it. Including people who behave like lemmings. You don't have to let them go for good. There's always the chance they might come around later. But leave coming around later up to them. The ball is in their court to work through their own bullshit.

The rest will get it when they see it, and you might have a 20% hardcore hold out... most of that group of people are too entrenched to be honest or they have been so duped that their brains are fried and there's no saving them from their own mental prisons. That will shake out as it's meant to. But, again, it means no civil war. That's the hold up, and thank goodness for it because no one SANE wants this shit.

At the end of the day, in dealing with survival on the micro level, you are only responsible for yourselves, for your elders who can't care for themselves anymore, and/or for your own munchkins. That's it. End of story. Think SMALL. Keep your efforts manageable.

Anything you'd like to add to that - that's a choice. Work on deeply understanding the difference between a choice and an obligation. The distinction could literally save your life.

TIME is your most limited resource. Use it wisely.

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