What No One Is Asking: Where Are All The People?

O'Looney says deaths jumped 250% with the shot roll out. Vaxxidents have increased. Snyder reports a worldwide labor shortage. Are we witnessing the beginnings of societal collapse?

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At the beginning of the illness, British funeral director John O’Looney, who lives in Milton Keynes, made headlines when he warned that bodies might remain in hospitals because next of kin could not afford funerals or cremation due to the lockdown.

O’Looney told the BBC that they had been focused on increasing cooling capacity in mortuaries but no consideration was being given to people who could not arrange for a funeral due to financial difficulties. However, many of his colleagues turned off their refrigerators around Christmas because “nobody died.”

“We started vaccinating here on January 6, and then almost immediately the number of deaths went through the roof. I have never experienced such a high mortality rate in 15 years as a funeral director.”

O’Looney posted a message about this on YouTube under a video about the illness. The video was liked over 300 times and then suddenly his YouTube account was deleted without warning for alleged policy violation. He went on to talk to Max Igan and Lindie Naughton on BitChute to say that the so-called “Delta” variant is actually the shot.

Specifically, O’Looney says that the actual death numbers have jumped 250% since administration of the shot began. We see this mirrored in the United Kingdom Office for National Statistics numbers we reported on just yesterday - 30,305 dead in England within 21 days of taking the shot during the first six months of 2021.

Interesting that normies are still doubling down to echo the mainstream media narrative that those who didn’t take the shot are to blame for the spread when, clearly, the numbers show otherwise. However, it seems people are starting to wake up, so let’s venture a bit further into this now that maybe I won’t scare the living shit out of most of you by confirming that my own thoughts echo things you may have already suspected….

“Vaxxidents?” What in the fucking hell are those?

Since the shots have rolled out, we’ve been seeing an uptick in accidents.

Check out this Preliminary Motor Vehicle Death graph from the National Safety Council.

Please note when looking at 2021 that this is January to June, exactly six months of data from each year, compared apples to apples.

According to NSC, “The number of deaths for the first six months of 2021 are estimated to be 21,450. This preliminary estimate is up 16% compared to 2020 and up 17% compared to 2019.”

From 2020 to 2021, most people who decided to stay home continued to do so until they took the shot.

So while lockdown may have affected year over year data looking at 2019 to 2020, the first six months of 2020 and 2021 each should be about the same considering we were not even in lockdown until late March to early April of 2020; Q1 of 2020 was pretty much business as usual and you can see from the graph that the accidents drop in March/April 2020 which was the real height of lockdown in the United States.

This makes sense: In most US locations, there was only really about a month that most Americans were staying inside and then started to venture out… especially after seeing in late May/early June that there were no hotbed super spreader illness spikes during the riots and then applying simple logic to determine that going outside in general was probably going to be OK at that point despite the weird footage we were seeing coming out of Wuhan.

We can see this reflected in the graph with an increase in traffic accidents into June 2020 from the lessened lockdown numbers of March and April.

The jump in road rage cases in 2021 is equally concerning:

Other than the statistics for motor vehicle deaths, the National Safety Council has failed to post data or graphs past 2019.

Gee, what’s the hold up on 2020, guys? We’re already 9.5 months into 2021.

The delay in releasing the data seems to be that it would indicate a larger issue, one that people are using #vaxxidents and #vaccidents to track.

These alternate spellings of the same word describe a sudden onslaught of mass accidents that will begin when people suddenly fall ill as a result of having taken the shot. People may pass out, have severe brain fog, get confused, or suffer from any number of other ailments as a result of getting the shot.

This has already begun but vaxxidents are expected to peak around August 2022, 18 months from when people first began receiving the shot, through December 2023, which would be three years from initial roll out.

The term, likely coined by Clif High, is finally starting to creep into the mainstream.

As Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA shot, said in a few recent Twitter posts, “Spent the evening with a group of Portuguese health care providers and policy influencers. One of the hot topics was the apparent jump in sudden death (cardiac, cerebral vascular events) leading to car crashes, death on the street etc. - associated with recent receipt of vaccine. This is a great example of why "all cause" mortality needs to be monitored and analyzed carefully. Because there can be unanticipated deaths associated with a treatment which otherwise are judged to be unrelated. Who would imagine a vaccine being related to car crashes?” Malone goes on to say, “…this is a signal, which leads to a hypothesis, which is the start of scientific investigation, which is how we reach towards truth.”

American Airlines grounded “hundreds” of flights. They are blaming maintenance issues, but some are asking whether the grounded flights are because of an uptick in vaxxidents. American also mentions that they are desperate for personnel.

In fact, TSA has been asking for volunteer staff to cover their own deficit.

This does not only apply to the airline industry.

There is a labor shortage across the entire world.

At first, most people blamed the labor shortages on unemployment and stimulus checks, but this does not explain why the same labor shortage conditions are happening all over the world.

Michael Snyder reports that staffing shortages in logistics and healthcare alone are leading to crises. Before this, many people were competing for the same jobs.

In fact, two-thirds of businesses worldwide are having staffing issues, and supply chain disruption problems are projected to last well into the next year.

Already, people have died waiting hours for hospital care because we are running short of doctors and nurses.

And as shortages remain due to supply chain concerns, we can expect inflation to continue to rise.

Historically, employers have been flooded with resumes for open positions. So, how did we get to what is looking like a loss of millions of people overall with no one showing up to fill any of these these empty positions?

The fact is that there are millions of jobs going empty all over the world.

Why isn’t anyone asking WHY?

We should be heeding O’Looney’s warnings: Someone is NOT telling the truth.

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